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Creating Powerful Focus and Concentration CD by Mail
Product Code: PLA-003
Creating Powerful Focus and Concentration CD by Mail
SP Focus CD

Now with Binaural Beat Technology to Entrain Your Brain into Alpha State!

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Do You:

  • Have a hard time concentrating?
  • Does your mind wander while reading?
  • Find it difficult to complete a thought, idea, or task?
  • Feel stressed or burned out?
  • Frequently find your mind wandering?

Help is on the way!!!

Introducing the Creating Powerful Focus and Concentration Audio Program.

Why You Need This Program:

We live in a world in which there is constant demands on our mindís ability to focus. The electronic media age constantly competes for space in our mental lives. Attention moments are precious commodities. Advertisers pay big amounts of cash just for a few seconds of your attention. The competition is fierce. Cell phones, beepers, pagers, email, tv, radio, meetings, advertisers, you name it, we are constantly bombarded.

Neuro-science research questions whether our brains our being re-wired as a result of all this stimulus to being an "Attention Defict Culure."

The price we pay for this continuous barrage on our senses and perceptual processing leaves us stressed, fatigued, forgetful, and burnt out.

The toll all this takes on us as a populus results in increasing attention deficit disorders and unable to think clearly and/or effectively solve problems. Use of prescription drugs is rampant today with the goal of trying to help us cope better, sleep more restfully, and curb our aggressive behaviors.

If you are feeling any of the by-products of this attention deficit disordered state of affairs, do not despair. Help is on the way.

You can offset some of the negative impacts of today's stressful environment by

Practicing Focus and Concentration

This audio training program includes:
The soothing music with binaural beats easily puts you into Alpha State - the brain wave pattern of peak concentration!

This brainwave technology naturally brings your brain into a state of Alpha rhythyms!

Start your day on a focused path. Achieve more with our powerful, proven, easy technique. Brain scientists have noted the first hour of the day sets the stage for the rest of your day.

Re-charge your brain! Do you suffer from afternoon lag? Does your brain get foggy after lunch or doing some intense work? You can now give your brain a nurturing rest and begin to reclaim your mind's ability to focus, concentrate, and create the results that you choose in only 8 minutes of listening.

Train your brain for focus and concentration! Listen 2 times per day for one month and re-train your brain to command focus and concentration whenever you choose!

This audio can dramatically help restore your ability to focus and attend to matters you choose. Not only will it help you build powerful focus and concentration, it can help you achieve the things that most matter to you. At the end of the exercise there is a special focusing exercise to help you re-organize neurological system to accomplish a daily goal.

Neuro-science has proved the Brain's Plasticity!

The term "Brain plasticity" means that training with a frequency and intensity over time can change your brain and rewire it for better performance!

It takes just 8 minutes a day to:

  • Reduce your stress!
  • Create a more focused mind!
  • Organize your brain for creating a result of your choice for the day!
  • Quickly Relax & Focus

The program contains 4 tracks:

  1. Introduction and how to use.
  2. Focus Technique alone
  3. Focus Technique with music track using 50-60 beats per minute. This music stimulates the entire neo-cortex region of the brain and helps to stimulate the alpha brain pattern. Alpha allows us to be fully awake, yet fully relaxed, focused, and aware.
  4. Focus Technique with Music and Binaural Beats - Best listened to with headphones. (WAV version ONLY)
We guarantee that listening to this program for 30 days will greatly enhance your ability to focus and concentrate!

For best results utilizing the binaural beat technology download the WAV format. MP3 compression will lose some of its effect.

For best results listen with stereo headphones.

"I always have a hard time reading. But the first time I listened to this, my study material came alive in my head!" Dustin Porter, student, UGA

"Quick, simple, yet powerful!" Michael C., Lawyer, Atlanta, GA

"I use it before I study. It makes the world of difference!" Veronica Stemple, Georgia Tech

This is a special price 50% Off that will not last!

Order yours now and expereince immediate results!

Be sure to indicate .WAV or MP3 format below!
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