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Volume: VI     Number: 06 Productive Learning Systems, Altanta, GA June, 2010
What's Inside?

Newsletter Special:


Coping and Stress Profile

On Sale Now! Save 40% on this unique self assessment instrument to identify not only your stressors, but your ability to cope as well. Over 40 years of research in the area of stress management and well-being have gone into this mini-powerhouse of self-relection and learning. Assess your overall stress and coping loads as well as workplace, family and couple profiles. Jammed packed with helpful information you can use.

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Featured Product:


Creating Powerful Focus and Concentration Digital Download

Download Now If You:

  • Have a hard time concentrating?
  • Find it difficult to complete a thought,idea, or task?
  • Feel stressed or burned out?
  • Frequently find your mind wandering?

Help is on the way!!!

Introducing theCreating Powerful Focus and Concentration Audio Program. Click on image for more detail.

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Brain Teaser
Brain Teaser of the Month

Which Switch?

Which Switch? There are three switches downstairs. Each corresponds to one of the three light bulbs in the attic. You can turn the switches on and off and leave them in any position.
How would you identify which switch corresponds to which light bulb, if you are only allowed one trip upstairs?

Try this one!!

Which Switch?

Live Events

Live Virtual Online Program: Unleash  Your Hidden Brain Power!:

"Whole brain Thinking for Success!"

Live Virtual Online Training

June 28 & June 30, 2010
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Continuing Ed

Springtime has almost ended! Just in time for this edition of "Continuing-ed" Newsletter!

Our goal for this edition is to send you off into summer with some for thought. We hope this edition gives you some things to reflect and ponder upon, and even encourage you to continue your growth and learning during this amazing growing season. (Atlanta is having one of its best season's so far!) Yes, learning is very much like mother nature.

Speaking of continued growth, we offered our first Virtual Training program that was a smashing success. In fact, it sold out! For those of you who couldn't join us during the office hours that it was scheduled, we are now offering another opportunity for the evening crew. Here's the info:

Live Virtual Online Program: Unleash Hidden Brain Power!:
"Whole brain Thinking for Success!"
June 28 & June 30, 2010
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We're in the process of switching our virtual training platform that should be in place next week. The transition of moving from live classroom training to virtual online training was a mental frame buster for me personally. Initially hesitant, once I started using the new technology, I've become a real fan. Although not all training can be successfully delivered in this new medium, participants are having positive experiences and reporting better outcomes sooner. I think getting smaller doses of the content with a little time in-between sessions helps the learners to keep moving forward with putting the knowledge into action faster.

So if you haven't taken a virtual training program, I encourage you to do so. And with the low price for your attendance, it's risk free. Besides, you know the quality of the work we do. We always guarantee your satisfaction!

So I hope to "see" you soon and online. Please send us a message with topics that you'd like to see covered.

To your success,


Best Regards,
President & CEO
Productive Learning Systems, Inc.

  Hotline: Workplace Communication

Shakespeare On Conference Calling

Conference calling in the business setting requires a special kind of attention to detail, and adept understanding of process management. This article looks at some notable saying from Shakespeare for a lively and poignant way to get to the heart of how conference calling works. The goal is to help our readers get the most out of their next conference call.

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  Socratic Corner: Innovation and Critical Thinking:

Analysis: Is BP Using Its Whole Brain?

Is BP Using Its Whole Brain? Let's look at the crisis using multiple intelligences (or in this case, lack of 2 key types) from an organizational perspective.

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  Brain Health & Learning

Can Intelligence Really Be Increased?

Can your intelligence really be increased? That's a radical question that has been hotly debated for well over a century.  As with most "radical" questions the debate is usually centered around the lines of demarcation or differing disciplines. Historically intelligence has been measured as a factor of abstract numerical capabilities as tested by the dreaded IQ test. The supporters of IQ testing held upper hand in the debate until Dr Howard Gardner, educational psychologist at Harvard, announced his theory of "multiple intelligences," outlining eight distinct forms of "being smart." In which way are you smart?

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  Frontline: Best Practices in Leadership & Management

What Does Selling Shoes Have to Do With You?

What does selling shoes have to do with your management effectiveness and using your whole brain effectively? Nothing if you are merely trying to sell shoes. But if you are someone like Tony Hsieh of Zappos, selling shoes is merely the starting point of something with much greater significance and implications.

Full Article

  Information Overload

Mind Wanderers: 5 Tips for Mindful Reading:

You've decided to get some high volume and intense reading done. You start with the intention of not allowing any interruptions. About five minutes into your reading you momentarily stop. Then, you notice that you don't have any idea what the material was about. Here is the key to stopping this time waster.

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