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Volume: IV     Number: 12 Productive Learning Systems, Altanta, GA December, 2005
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Coping and Stress Profile

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The Dynamics of Effective Study, Depth and Technical Reading

New to Our Online Course Offerings! The Dynamics of Effective Study, Depth, and Technical Reading! If you take coursework this program is a must. If you're not in an academic program, you probably have lots of tough reading to do for your work, not to mention technical reading. This program unlocks the secrets of efficient and effective approaches to studying. Click on image for more information.

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Brain Teaser of the Month

Sheepish Behavior

Why do they do what they do? Correct answers get a prize! Read on!

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Sheepish Behavior

Live Events

ProdutivElearn is exploring 2 types of Live Events:

  1. Live Web Broadcasts

  2. Scheduled Monitored Chats on topics requested by our readers.

Which type are you most interested in?
What sub-topics within the five areas we specialize in would you like to see?

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Continuing Ed

Happy Holidays!!!
Speaking for everyone at Productive Learning Systems and we'd like to thank all of you for your continued readership and support and wish all of you Happiness, health, and hope for the coming New Year! Our readership has grown to almost 9,000. Again, our hope is that you find this newsletter beneficial to helping you succeed in your work. We strive to make all our live programs and online programs positively life-impacting. Sometimes sitting at a blank screen can be quite overwhelming. So often, just as I wonder whether or not it matters, I'll get an email from someone who has stated how they have benefitted from an article or idea. Please do give us your continued feedback. This month I've written a short article on workplace communication with a strategy that sometimes gets folks rattled in live classes.

Now Available in Our Online Course Offerings! Dynamic Study Reading and Mastery! If you take coursework this program is a must. If you're not in an academic program, you probably have lots of tough reading to do for your work, not to mention technical reading. This program unlocks the secrets of efficient and effective approaches to studying.  Click Here

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We hope you find this issue helping you make your work easier and productive!

Best Regards,
President & CEO
Productive Learning Systems, Inc.

  Hotline: Workplace Communication

Decrease E-mail Overload

One of the biggest complaints I hear in training sessions is the volume of e-mail. Do you have too little e-mail? If you’re like most people, you’d probably like a few ideas to decrease the load of unwanted e-mail that is generated within the organization.

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  Socratic Corner: Innovation and Critical Thinking:

Truth-telling: Kindergarten Platitude, or Necessity for Innovation?

Although the debacles of Enron, Worldcom, and others have faded into the past, the simple practice of telling the truth continues to be an elusive ideal when listening to people at various levels of the organization.  It is not the purpose of this article to talk about why this failure of a basic kindergarten teaching does not exist to the extent it should in the world of business. However, I will argue the business case of this much touted, but seldom practiced ideal and behavior. Additionally, truth-telling can be a catalyst to constructive alternative ideas and innovation.

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  Brain Health & Learning

Reading Comprehension Is An Art Form

How do you know if you comprehend something you read? Why is it that 2 people can read a document and walk away with differences in understandings? Has one person understood the document more correctly than the other?

Full Article

  Frontline: Best Practices in Leadership & Management

What You Can Do to Insure "Employee Engagement"

There has been much press over the last year about the disturbing downward trend of employee “engagement” with their jobs over the last year. One recent report from Towers Perrin HR Services noted that employees reporting engagement with their jobs fell from 21% in 2002 to 17% in 2004. Engagement is defined as having a feeling of connectedness to their jobs in a meaningful manner while being able to have an impact on what they do. One of the culprits in this disturbing downward trend is work/quality of life balance issues. What can you do as a manager to help your reports re-engage?

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  Information Overload

Eliminate the "Pile-Up" Blues: Part 2

Are the piles getting to you yet? In the first part of this series we showed you how to attack your inbox to keep yourself organized.  In this article we’ll take a look around your workspace and specifically your desk.  Do you know what’s in those piles?  If someone asked you for something related to an item “somewhere in those piles,” could you find it in 5 seconds or less? If not, read on.

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