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Volume: III     Number: 03 Productive Learning Systems, Altanta, GA March, 2005
What's Inside?

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Superlearning Paperback (#100B)

Join an extraordinary adventure to find closely guarded secrets in the former Soviet bloc - secrets that transformed ordinary people into learning superstars.

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Coping and Stress Profile

Stress and it's effects are often an unseen dynamic in our bodies and our thinking patterns. Get to the root of it to better manage it! This instrument helps you to pinpoint areas in your life and suggests how to better cope.

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Brain Teaser
Brain Teaser of the Month

Watch out for the Mountains Ahead!

This is a good puzzler to check out your assumptions! Prizes await correct answers!

Try this one!!

Watch out for the Mountains Ahead!

Live Events

ProdutivElearn is exploring 2 types of Live Events:

  1. Live Web Broadcasts

  2. Scheduled Monitored Chats on topics requested by our readers.

Which type are you most interested in?
What sub-topics within the five areas we specialize in would you like to see?

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Continuing Ed

Spring is blooming here in Atlanta and we've got some some exciting things popping up around here! We're celebrating March Madness with our own versions of "must sees." Click to check out our March Madness Specials! Hurry because these specials end April 5!
Last month's poll on "Social Security Privitization" shows that our readers are quite divided on this hot issue. 28% are in favor, 30% are somewhat opposed, 23% are unsure, and a whopping 19% believe they will never collect because the system will fail! This is still a fluidly evolving issue, but our readers somewhat reflect the polls I've been seeing in the media.
Click to respond: This month's poll: Loyalty in the Workplace It only takes a few seconds.
The Brain Teaser: "Watch Out for the Mountains!" is a fun one exploring your assumptions. Prizes await correct responses that include the dis-proving of assumptions - pretty easy actually!
This month's featured products: Use coupon Code # .News305. These specials are only for "Continuing-ed" Newsletter readers and expire 4/15/05.

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  Hotline: Workplace Communication

Fight Back - Fight the Bull!

“We’ll powerphase our human resources to full
empowerment, synching up our strategic
initiatives to maximize our leverage in the
current oscillating global environment.” “Huh?
What does that mean?” you might ask.? That was a
real sentence taken from an internal memo from a
company doing worldwide business. If you’re like
most folks in today’s workplace, you’ll probably
do your best to try to figure it out for yourself
after asking some other people who either give
you the same response you had, or will give you
that look that says, “everyone else knows, what’s
the matter with you?” Yet it all sounds like bull
to you. Here's how to fight

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  Socratic Corner: Innovation and Critical Thinking:

Unleash the Power of Teams: Working with the Power Element of Thought

If you’ve ever been part of a project team, cross functional team, product development team, or whatever name has been associated with a group of individuals organized in an organization, than you may be familiar with the experience of “collective stupidity.”  There are many reasons why teams often fail to produce the expected results, but one of the most powerful reasons is because the individuals fail to fully understand this one element of thought that brings them all together to pool their “collective brilliance.” Disciplining the group behavior around this one element can avoid many pitfalls and delays in the group’s results.

Full Article

  Brain Health & Learning

Stress Beating Tip: Changing Brain Hemispheres

We all experience stress in our every day life. A key question for people who want to be better able to cope with stress in the moment is understanding, what kind of stress are you in? Once identified, then you can take strategic action to change it. Here are some useful starters.

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  Frontline: Best Practices in Leadership & Management

Management Tip: When in Chaos Go Up the Mountain!

If you’re like most managers today, there are times when you’re handling so many details and putting out fires that you may go home at the end of the day wondering, “What happened to the day? (or week, or month, etc.) If this is ever true for you, and you feel like you're on a treadmill, here’s a quick tip to get your compass re-aligned.

Full Article

  Information Overload

Blended Learning Is Best Bet To Help You Master Information Overload

Web-based learning is quickly evolving as the premier training option to save time as well as costs. If you’ve ever considered taking a web-based course, chances are you were reluctant to get started. If you have taken a web-based course, chances are you did not complete it.  With all the hoopla about online learning, this article will explain the necessary ingredients to a successful experience from the perspective of the learner.

Full Article

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