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Volume: II     Number: 05 Productive Learning Systems, Altanta, GA May, 2004
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  Hotline: Workplace Communication

Who Packs Your Parachute?

If you want to be effective on your job, knowing “who packs your parachute” can be your best survival strategy.

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  Socratic Corner: Innovation and Critical Thinking:

Dealing With Idea Killers

What’s your experience with brainstorming? Do you, like so many others in organizational life say, “Argh!” just hearing the word?  Too many times when groups try to launch into idea generation, inordinately, one person in group can be depended upon to immediately come up with a powerful idea killer. Then the group goes silent.  How can you get the group’s creative brain back on track?


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  Brain Health & Learning

Free, Quick, and Healthy Energy Boost

Around 2:30-3PM each day, I’m ready to take a nap. How about you? If you’re feeling drained and about to take your afternoon sugar or caffeine high, here’s an alternative.

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  Frontline: Best Practices in Leadership & Management

Retaining Motivation with a Demoted Employee

Often there are times when an employee has been promoted to a higher position and after a period of settling-in, the employee never really adjusts to the new realities of the position. The person was a good performer, but now is struggling. What do you do?

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  Information Overload

Curing Piles

Studies show that the average office worker has 96 hours of work piled on the desk on an average day, and only about 45 minutes to spend on it. Hidden in those piles (whether they be electronic or paper based) are decisions that are pending. 63% of important organizational decisions are delayed because of lack of necessary information. In truth, it is not that the information is not available. The problem is that people can not digest the information at hand so that it can be intelligently decided upon. Here’s a sure way to get to the bottom of this problem.

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