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Volume: III     Number: 03 Productive Learning Systems, Altanta, GA March, 2004
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A Great Memory (#003A) - Second Nature Series.CD

Improve access to the great memory that's there waiting for you.

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Dynamic Reading Masters Package

Dynamic Reading Course Plus Book and Cassettes Double Your Reading Efficiency Guaranteed! Read faster, comprehend better, recall more!

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Brain Teaser of the Month

Ham Yesterday, Pork Today

Sharpen your deductive reasoning to stimulate your appetite. Just as good food takes time to prepare, be patient with your process of coming up with the answer. Show us your work, and a prize will await you for your correct answer. Use your best deductive reasoning.

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Ham Yesterday, Pork Today

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Continuing Ed

Ah! Springtime in Atlanta is wonderfully invigorating - the signs of new growth and awakenings from the winter's doldrums. That seems to be what's happenning at We've got some new things springing up to make your learning come alive. Introducing:

Dynamic Reading, Memory, and Recall Masters Online Program -  Double your reading efficiency guranteed!!!

This program has been in the works for quite some time. We're excited to bring the same quality as our live program to you in an online version. Includes personal coaching. You've got to try the free demo. We've also put a special introductory package together with discounts that will not stay around for long.  Be sure to click on the newsletter special for more info. In addition to the special introductory price, take another $10 off your tuition using coupon code # NewsMSRD at checkout.

 products: CDs, tapes, and books.The renowned innovators of accelerated learning are now available to the public. Many are on sale and some have special discounts. See the article in the Brain, Health, and Learning section for more details. 

Last month's poll on sleep and the amounts our readers get was interesting - 65% responded they are sleep deprived. 62% get between 5-6 hours a night. Another 3 % only sleep for 3-4 hours. Ouch! Take the month's Poll: Offshore Outsourcing of Jobs.

The Brainteaser  Hungry to test your brain? Try this month's Ham Yesterday, Pork Today! Requires patient deductive reasoning.

We'd love to hear from you in our discussion boards. Just click inside any of the articles to comment on them, ask questions, or share your own tips. We need contributers to make this community grow.

Remember: To celebrate our 10th anniversary: All Current and New Clients Ask For Our “10 in 10 Special!” Book Now! We’ll give you 10 % off all new business through October 2004! Onsite Training, Web courses, consulting, facilitatiing.

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  Hotline: Workplace Communication

Are Office Politics a Turnoff? Try WEGO Instead

Do you know anyone who loves office politics? You may say you know people who play that game at work, but no one will admit to loving office politics. Most folks complain about how de-motivating and unproductive it is. But what really is office politics? And how can they be avoided? Are they ever useful? Office politics is one of the primary complaints of workplace communication at its worse. Here are some useful tips.

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  Socratic Corner: Innovation and Critical Thinking:

To Think, or to Act: That is the Question

You’re sitting in a mixed level meeting about a high priority initiative your organization is considering. Your boss’ boss asks you a question for which you’re not prepared. All eyes in the room are now on you. Fearing the appearance of "not knowing," (or any number of self-deprecating thoughts) do you a. blurt something out, or b. say you don’t know, or c. something else? I hear this question repeatedly in groups I work with. Participants want to know, "how do you respond in this situation?"

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  Brain Health & Learning

Supercharge Your Brain with Superlearning

In 1978 I was in graduate school when I read the groundbreaking book by Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander, Superlearning: Secrets Behind the Iron Curtain outlining e methods and procedures that the soviet bloc was using to rapidly create the intellectual capital it needed to compete with the US and its’ allies. Fascinated and hooked, I experimented with some of the methods ever since in my training programs and include them in many of my live trainings today. Now you can learn these proven techniques to use for your own learning.

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  Frontline: Best Practices in Leadership & Management

Offshore Outsourcing: Dilemma or Opportunity?

A recent business trend over last several years has moved into the current political debate. That trend is the outsourcing of jobs over seas. I normally try to keep my writings out of the political arena, and hope to do so here as I raise questions for collaborative innovative thinking. Before you continue reading, ask yourself whether you can explore this topic with emotional detachment?

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  Information Overload

Reduce Stress, Save Time, Get More Done: Here's How

What if you could re-gain one hour or more a day? What would you do? What if you could cut your information input or reading to a fraction of the time you now spend? What if you could improve your memory for more exacting recall? You can, here’s how.

Imagine yourself sailing through the piles of text that surround you in this information age! Add to that picture your ability to effortlessly grasp concepts and ideas as well as facts and details at rates two, three, four, or even ten times faster than what you currently do? If you can imagine that, then we can show you how.

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