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Volume: III     Number: 01 Productive Learning Systems, Altanta, GA January, 2004
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Psychocybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz, MD

This innovative best-seller written by the definitive authority on the science of achievement is an essential addition to your personal library.

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Biometics' Nutritional Energy II Program

In this hectic, fast-paced world it is difficult to eat properly due to skipped meals and the consumption of processed, fast foods. Biometics nutritional energy programs are the solution you need to provide the daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed t restore proper nutritional values and provide a natural energy boost. Free Shipping!

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Our last teaser was a tough one, so here’s an easier one requiring semantic logic.

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Continuing Ed

Last month’s issue was themed to help you look back and look ahead. But what’s really more meaningful for you in changing your life? New Year’s resolutions, or do you set important goals at other times? That’s the question of this month’s  POLL. We’re curious, so click on the link and vote! It costs you nothing and only takes a second. Be sure to click on the results link to see how your colleagues vote.

For the Brain Teaser crowd: December’s must have been a tough one! We only received one correct answer, although fewer responses overall. So this month, we’re giving you an easy one on linguistic reasoning: HELP WANTED.

Did you know, you could comment back to us about any article or product? It’s easy for articles. Just click on the links at the bottom of the article. They’ll take you to the appropriate discussion board, where you can automatically reply back. The discussion boards do require a minimum login to post – merely your e-mail. It is a separate login from the site members area. If you have noticed, there are many references in the site about dialogue. We really do appreciate comments and interaction from you to help build the community. Make it your place to blog about your workplace.


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  Hotline: Workplace Communication

Quick Tip: Dealing with Angry Outburst

You’re sitting at your desk at the end of long hassled day trying to get yourself out the door. A co-worker walks in and unloads an angry barrage at you for not informing them about an upcoming change in the project that you work on together. You are tired, stressed, and pressed to leave. What do you do next?

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  Socratic Corner: Innovation and Critical Thinking:

Innovation Primer

Innovation is a concept most of my readers hear a lot about in their organizations. Most of you have probably been cajoled by your management to come up with “innovative ideas and solutions.”  This concept is a necessity for survival in today’s marketplace, for both individuals and organizations.  As dutiful employees, you probably disassemble after the pep-talk and then go about your ordinary workload.  The realities of the workday consume your thoughts and energies. It’s not that you don’t want to comply (most people try their best to comply with management’s requests), but more that most individuals and organizations don’t know how to innovate. In this article, we will explore some of the basics for your consideration and dialogue.

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  Brain Health & Learning

Build Brain Power and Wake-up!

Do you wake up and go through your morning on automatic pilot? How long does your brain remain in the “stand-by” mode like your pc does when you have turned away from it for an extended period? Perhaps there are days when you suddenly realize that the morning is half over and you have no memory of what has happened up to that point. You may even find yourself wondering, “How did I get to work today?”  If this sounds like your typical morning, here is a morning brain wake up exercise that will go beyond waking the brain up. This technique can actually stimulate stronger neural pathways and help create better memory.

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  Frontline: Best Practices in Leadership & Management

Effective Use of Praise and Acknowledgement

Praise and acknowledgement for a task well done is perhaps one of the strongest motivational tools in the hands of an effective manager. It is simple and cost free. Yet it yields some of the strongest and long lasting motivational boosts when done well. However, “done well” is the key phrase. Here’s how to best use this powerful tool.

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  Information Overload

Get 19% More Done In Less Time

Do you find yourself lacking energy at work on a consistent basis? Are you like so many other workers today told to get more done with less? If so, here’s a tip that can pay big dividends , if you apply it.

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