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Volume: II     Number: 09 Productive Learning Systems, Altanta, GA September, 2003
What's Inside?

Newsletter Special:


Memory Aerobics Online and Live

Do you ever feel like your brain is losing its' edge? Do you suffer from lapses of memory that are not medically related? How would you like to learn a simple system that you can apply everyday to sharpen your mind and your memory and recall? If so, take a journey with an audience of 500 people in Memory Aerobics! You'll feel like you are actually there in a live presentation. This specially recorded live session will give you the keys to developing more "memory muscle mass." Filled with simple everyday pointers, the techniques covered in this program have been proven by neuro-science to build greater neural pathways in your brain and develop better memory and recall. Some of the issues covered are: forgetting names, absentmindedness, misplaced items, forgetting little bits of information you were just exposed to, and more.

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Featured Product:


Building Dynamic Reading Comprehension

Take the mystery out of highly effective reading comprehension, with this proven effective approach. Read faster as a result. Eliminate needing to re-read. Based on years of solid research and practice, this course will re-shape your approach to even the most difficult material.

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Brain Teaser
Brain Teaser of the Month

Verbal Nimbleness

This is a great memory aerobic, or an exercise for your brain.

Try this one!!

Verbal Nimbleness

Live Events
Please let us know of live events you are interested in. If you have a topic of interest and would like to discuss it live with a moderator and other members, submit your request to We will be scheduling these in the near future


Continuing Ed

Let Us Not Forget Those Who Perished on 9/11/01

Courage Is Stronger Than Fear!

After over twelve months, it is with great pride that we at ProductivElearn send you this new issue of Continuing-ed Newsletter. Many of you have been very supportive, not to mention patient while we iron out our kinks and make friends with rebuilding the technology. For that I’m grateful.It has certainly been a long road, but I am overjoyed with the vision of making this a practical, useful, and reliable online learning community. The experience has so often tempted me to write a book, but that would take me off track from making this vision a reality.

 We commit ourselves to making ProductivElearn a source for working professionals who want to continue their career development, but without having to travel and spend huge chunks of time in a classroom. Included in that vision is to offer this learning community multiple channels for them to interact, not only with us at ProductiuvelElearn, but also with each other on topics that are relevant to getting the results in their careers that they long for.

The Continuing-ed  Newsletter  is only one piece of that puzzle. We have re-organized the format and will continue to challenge you to respond back through our discussion boards. We have organized the discussion boards according to 5  categories. These categories also conform to how we have organized the articles and tips on the Productive Tools portion of the site: Information Overload, The Socratic Corner (Critical Thinking and Innovation in the workplace), Hotline (workplace communication), Frontline (best practices in management and leadership), The Brain, Health, and Learning.

As a special tip: if you have not visited the site lately, you may want to update your record. We have included preferences for the newsletter that you who are behind a firewall might want to consider.

What’s New On the Site?
* 2 new online courses
* New graphic interface and navigation
* Better free content organization
* Voting polls on workplace hot topics
* Ease for member contributions of articles, tips, reviews
* Your ability to review products and services and publish to the site
* Much, much more

By popular demand, The Brain Teaser continues. Stretch that brain!

We hope you enjoy this issue. By all means, let us know even if you don’t.

Thanks again for your continued support.

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Best Regards,
President & CEO
Productive Learning Systems, Inc.

  Hotline: Workplace Communication

Fight Back - Fight the Bull!

“We’ll powerphase our human resources to full empowerment, synching up our strategic initiatives to maximize our leverage in the current oscillating global environment.” “Huh? What does that mean?” you might ask.? That was a real sentence taken from an internal memo from a company doing worldwide business. If you’re like most folks in today’s workplace, you’ll probably do your best to try to figure it out for yourself after asking some other people who either give you the same response you had, or will give you that look that says, “everyone else knows, what’s the matter with you?” Yet it all sounds like bull to you. Here's how to fight back.

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  Socratic Corner: Innovation and Critical Thinking:

Find Your Way Out of Paralysis of Analysis

When I am working with groups whether in short sessions, or longer training programs, I most often get responses from people of how long a true Socratic session can take “back in the real world.” Even though they comment on the insights and differences they have gained in using a structured approach, people will often complain about the amount of time they perceive as needed to thoroughly think through a problem situation. Whether or not you have been through my training sessions, here is the best way to ensure you think deeply and broadly enough about a situation or problem and not fall into paralysis of analysis. Full Article

  Brain Health & Learning

Verbal Nimbleness

This is a great memory aerobic, or an exercise for your brain.

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  Frontline: Best Practices in Leadership & Management

Are You A Level 5 Leader?

If you are a practicing manager who has held management responsibilities for a long period of time, there are certain management behaviors and principles that eventually start becoming intuitive. With success over time we often become jaded about our continued learning and growth. Many long term managers who have also been trained over the years often will ballyhoo against new ideas and management books. Personally I fall into that later category. However, as many of you have heard me speak about, that even though you’re disciplined to stay on top of the literature, and in spite of the universal nature of some of the laws of good management, occasionally, a groundbreaking principle is discovered and clearly explained

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  Information Overload

Drowning in Meetings and Notes?

One of the biggest complaints employees at all levels of organizational life register is about meetings. Besides the sheer volume of time they consume, they are also often a waste of time. I am not going to address the root cause of this here because that would take too much time to cover. Rather my focus will be on how to better process what goes on and comes out of the end of the meeting.

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