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ProdutivElearn.com Privacy Policy



ProductivElearn.com ensures that your personal information is safe and secure. Our privacy policy is simple: we do not share any information you have submitted with any outside agency, company, or persons. We will not sell your contact information to anyone. It is our firm determination that this site will be a safe forum for visitors to learn, grow, and share learning experiences.


We will collect relevant personal information in our web store in order to properly serve our customers. If you have registered as a site member and are currently logged in, we pass that data to the store check-out process in order to streamline your check-out experience.


We require certain personal information for site membership in order for you to access all the free information we offer. We do this in order to customize your experience with ProductivElearn.com, so that we may better tailor our offers to you, as well as maintaining a more secure experience for all our members.


If you purchase an online course, we ask for data which is relevant to our validation of your course experience, and to give you customized feedback. In some cases a corporate entity may purchase courses for their employees  requiring course completion data, and performance reporting.  This data will be shared with those purchasing administrators.


If you purchase an online course for yourself, the data is collected in order to provide a report to you.


We do not collect or store any other information about you, or your system.