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Our Learning Philosophy



Productive: effective in bringing about, or yielding results.


Learning: to come to know.


Systems: an organized set of doctrines, ideas, or principles usually intended to explain the arrangement or working of a systematic whole.  Systems can easily be reproduced for better desired results.


Tools: a device that aids in accomplishing a task.


As you use a set of tools to be self-directed in your own growth, you can take charge of your learning. From that point you can produce results in any area of your personal and professional life.


After over thirty years of practice, ongoing research, and refinement, ProductivElearn has developed practical tools for today’s changing world. To navigate the shifting seas socially, economically, politically, and spiritually, people worldwide can connect and communicate in this forum. Here you can have access to a free exchange of ideas, tips, information, learning, and training in pursuit of your professional continuing education and growth. We invite all visitors to become contributors to our learning community through chats, discussion forums organized around topical areas, as well as articles they want to publish.  We believe it will be those who can navigate and move information forward in a meaningful way that will be the makers of tomorrow’s Knowledge Economy.


ProductivElearn can provide you with the skills and tools to help meet today’s challenging workplace. We believe the application of these proven systems and tools will enable today’s professionals to continue their paths of lifelong learning and growth.


Our approach: is to engage learners from multiple approaches in order to develop all aspects of their learning styles. A disciplined, systematic, and whole brain approach to learning is a key component of our methodologies. Live or online, we are proud of the quality of our programs, products, and services.


We welcome you to our community and wish you the best for your continued learning and growth!


Let us become your partner in becoming:


A Master of the Information!®