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Mission Statement: Productivelearn.com is a subsidiary of Productive Learning Systems, Inc., a Training and Development consultancy based in Duluth, GA. With over twenty years experience in helping our clients learn and achieve measurable results in the general areas of thinking and communication skills - with sub areas of critical thinking, high performance problem solving and decision making, all aspects of reading and memory, teams, conflict management, collaborative thinking and communicating. Our focus is on teaching behavioral change, not just conceptual knowledge, which has positively effected change in our clients and client organizations.

All of our programs are geared toward individuals and organizations that seek to learn to work and perform with maximum efficiency. Performance measurement is a key theme in offering the products, services, and solutions we deliver.

Our mission: to deliver world class products and services to our network of clients and users in order to help them grow into the desired levels of performance, combining both the art and science of learning and communicating to achieve these results.

The mission of this web site is to further enhance those efforts as well as expand the reach of our delivery systems. It is here that we will create a protected network of learners (site registration is required) who can learn, contribute and share. At Productivelearn.com we can now offer continued learning through the forums, online courses, scheduled chats, news, articles and other types of information that may be of interest to our audiences. Additionally, the web store will offer carefully screened products and services, some from other vendors, that the partners of Productive Learning Systems, Inc. can testify are effective and highest quality.

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